Participating Classes

Interact With Scientists on a Research Cruise!

We’ve reached out to K-12 & undergraduate college classes, and they have agreed to interact (via this blog site) with our scientists aboard the R/V Atlantic Explorer DURING the 2014 Chief Scientist Training Cruise.

We are reaching out in an effort to introduce students of all ages to oceanography, what oceanographers do, and what it is like to live and work at sea on a research vessel.  This will also give you the chance to interact directly with scientists in real time while we do our work on a research cruise.  I’m sure that you (the students) will put us (the scientists) to the task with plenty of comments and questions!

What Does an Oceanographer Look Like?

Watch this video to find out!

What Do Oceanographers Do?

“Several thousand marine scientists are busy at work in the United States dealing with a diversity of important issues — from climate change, declining fisheries, and eroding coastlines, to the development of new drugs from marine resources and the invention of new technologies to explore the sea”  

Watch this Video , and others on this National Geographic site, for an introduction to why the ocean is important and how humans impact our worlds oceans!

Learn more about what oceanographers do here


The current list of officially participating classes:

K-12 Schools

Mrs. Overman’s 3rd Grade Class – Bear Tavern Elementary School, Hopewell, NJ

Mrs. Farina’s 5th Grade Science Class - Bear Tavern Elementary School, Hopewell, NJ

Mrs. Cournoyer’s Marine Biology class – Amity High School, Woodbridge, CT

Ms. Hoose’s first grade class – Greenwood Elementary School, Seattle, Washington.

Mr. Akiha’s fifth grade class – Cornville Regional Charter School, Cornville, Maine.

Mr. Halpern’s Marine Science class – San Diego High, School of Media, Visual, and Performing Arts, San Diego, California

Mrs. McCurdy’s 3rd grade class – North Falmouth Elementary School, North Falmouth, Massachusetts

Mrs. Mastriano’s & Mrs. Buscher’s fifth grade team – Morse Pond School, Falmouth, Massachusetts

Mrs. Le’s 8th Grade Physics Class - South Lake Middle School, Irvine, California

Mrs. Levensailor’s Marine Science Class, University High School, Irvine, California

Mr. Mittiga’s class, The Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem, New York City, New York


Dalhousie University Department of Oceanography – Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN